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The ARTISTAS LATINOS CULTURAL CENTER INC. is a PUBLIC CHARITY legally incorporated in the state of FLORIDA, USA. Please, SUBSCRIBE to DONATE USD 100/month for one year. This will enable us to create and distribute monthly training videos for FREE for Latino youth on our YouTube channel. They will contain high-level training for them in the areas of leadership, human development, finance, the orange economy, entertainment business, art and culture. We want to change young people’s mentality so they can achieve great things with very little resources. Join us by donating.

Donate USD 100.00/Month for 1 Year

Latin America is not poor because of a lack of resources or because it has suffered so much throughout history; it is poor because there is no proper education and that leads to a mentality that does not allow us to move forward. We want to change the young people’s mentality from the very core.

– Yecid Benavides
(President ALCC)