Yecid serves as the President of the Artistas Latinos Cultural Center and has been a pioneer in supporting the foundation with his artwork.

He is truly unique artist who has journeyed through a life enriched with music and filmmaking before embracing the world of painting. His philosophy centers on fostering a positive shift in mindset through his art. Drawing from his spiritual inclinations and the purity of his work, he aims to demonstrate that humanity can achieve a state of complete peace and harmonious coexistence, akin to siblings made in the image of God. In his engagement with a secular society, he believes that every individual possesses an inherent goodness and capacity for change. When painting, he contemplates the viewer, recognizing the universal challenges we all face, regardless of wealth, health status, gender, or nationality. His commitment to assisting others never wanes. Through his family foundation, he educates, mentors, supports, and empowers both Christian and non-Christian artists. His core message is that artists hold a powerful voice for the world, one that deserves to be heard. They have the potential to guide global thought in a manner that is pure, spiritual, and authentic, without resorting to religious or dogmatic expressions.



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