Our work in Latin America

Since 2017, the Benavides Family has been working through their “Centro Cultural Artistas Latinos” in Bolivia. It is a social branch of their company “Artistas Latinos”, and it’s located at the most well-known mall and cinema complex in the city of La Paz: the MegaCenter. They have been teaching free courses on leadership, finance, the entertainment business, culture and art, at their facility during all these years.

Now that the Benavides family has moved to the United States, they opened a PUBLIC CHARITY geared towards tax exempt purposes under section 501(c)3 of the IRS. They plan on making training videos for Latinos in the USA as well as abroad. They will be available for free on the YouTube platform.

1 thought on “Our work in Latin America”

  1. KUDOS to Yecid, very few people will do something so positive for the young generation, specially for South America Youth, it is not easy to reach such a vast numbers of young people looking for some kind of guidance, and thanks to the current technology this is possible, and Yecid is doing just that, utilizing today’s technology to get the younger generation attention and show them all the right and positive way to accomplish more for their future. Wish Yecid all the best in this endeavor. WAY TO GO YECID!!!!

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